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Studio Récré is a design collective studio based between Rotterdam (NL) and Paris (FR), founded by Marwane Soumer (1992, Paris) and Lucas Zito (1993, Paris) after studying together at the Design Academy Eindhoven.


Récré is rooted in the belief that design can be a powerful agent for positive change, and they are driven by a passion for shaping new technologies and conducting material research. With a keen eye on aesthetics and a dedication to creating collectible design pieces, Marwane and Lucas aim to push the boundaries of creativity.

Studio Récré is a playground for innovation, where ideas can flourish, and possibilities are boundless. The name 'Récré' is derived from 'cour de récréation,' the French term for a playground. It harks back to a time when imagination was fueled by rich and unbridled creativity. Drawing inspiration from nature, technology, and the world around them, Lucas and Marwane merge their visions and expertise to create meaningful designs.

With a focus on collaboration and an appreciation for the relationship between humans and tools, they constantly challenge conventions and explore new avenues for creative expression...


Paris Design week 2023

07-11 September

Galerie Joseph Froissart

7 Rue Froissart, 75003

Paris, France 

London Design Fair 2023

21-24 September

Truman Brewery,

26 Hanbury St, E1 6QR

London, United Kingdom

Edit Napoli 2023

06-08 October 

Archivio di Stato di Napoli

Vico Monte della Pietà 2 

Napoli, Italy

Dutch Design Week 2023

21-29 October


Paradijslaan 2, 5616 NC

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Dutch Design Week 2023

21-29 October

Schellens Fabriek

Bleekweg 1, 5611 EZ

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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